The Easy Steps you need to take, when Commissioning any Original Oil Painting.

Gone are the days when you needed to have considerable wealth behind you, to even consider having a piece of Art Commissioned on your behalf.

Good quality portraits were priced at $2,500 a decade ago, a worth that has since multiplied 4 fold.


Although there are some brilliant artists available for commissioned artwork, many are not brilliant businessmen.

Some dabble in reproductions and mass produce them, and try to pass them off as originals, this will make this artist initially more affordable, but cheapen their finished artwork so much, they are deemed worthless in the long run.

There are a few things you'll need to decide, before you go and actually commission an original artwork piece.

First, you need to narrow down what type of painting you'd like. (Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour). If you're looking for something specific, perhaps a personal portrait painting in the nude, or a very large unconventional, and colourful abstract painting, these are the things you will need to consider when choosing your artist. As not all will cater to your requirements.

Next, choose an appropriate artist for you commission work. All artists develop their own unique styles over the years, and you may be drawn to a certain style and technique, and will immediately fall in love with their work.

Next, Measure the size of the space where your commissioned piece will be displayed. Since size does matter in fine art, it's an influencing factor in pricing.

The only way you'll know what you really like, is when you see it. Go and visit a few museums and art galleries, by doing this, it will give you an insight to the large variety of the different styles of paintings, from classic to modern.

Ask questions of your art-loving friends can sometimes prove useful, and other-times drive you crazy. (Your Choice)

Finding the correct artist who is able to produce an amazing one-of-a-kind piece of art, is well worth your time invested in research.

One of the most satisfying things you can do when decorating, is to personalize your space, and hang paintings that have special meaning to you.

Once you've found an artist that fits all your requirements, and who's work you would be proud to display on your wall,

It's now time to contact them, and discuss the size of the artwork you would like, the things you want incorporated in your painting, and anything else you require such as framing, postage and packing, as all of this will reflect the finished price of your artwork.

The time-frame needed to complete it. Something that is often overlooked when in a rush to get things done yesterday etc.

Give your artist as many details as you possibly can, so he or she is more at ease with which way to take your painting.



You may commission a painting from me.. even if you're not considered to be a millionaire.

I'm sure I wont break the bank with my prices, and will give you an incredible piece of art for you wall, at an equally affordable price.



P.S. I'm an Australian Artist who can be commissioned to paint for you, my studio is located in Melbourne, Australia.

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