Simple steps from original concept through to the completion of your artwork,

The customer along with your chosen artist interact with each other to create a concept towards reality. No matter whether you might be commissioning a sizeable or perhaps a small, public or personal painting, the procedure stays exactly the same. These are typically the actual simple steps you are likely to adhere to whenever you commission a painting. Settlement arrangements can vary greatly amongst artists, therefore make sure you make inquiries.

1. Selecting the correct artist for your artwork.

Choosing the right artist to create your painting is definitely crucial to having a piece of art you and your family, or perhaps your company, will relish and also value for many years to come. It is advisable to seek out the services of a great artist in whose style is along the lines of what you are searching for, and additionally illustrate a working knowledge of creating paintings along the style you'd like.

Garry Purcell's oil painting's are his interpretation of the old masters style of art, which emphasizes detail as well as depth of colour from many individual glazes, his actual creative utilization of colour, is well suited to this style.

2. Supply your artist with as much information and facts possible.

Before you decide to approach a great artist you might want to answer these types of questions oneself which means you have the ability to clearly express your own expectations.

Exactly what dimensions do you want your painting to be?
Do you really feel passionately about particular colours or simply shades of colour must be contained in the painting? If that's the case make sure to let the artist know.
What exactly will be your price range? Always be truthful with oneself as well as the artist. Should your resources possibly be limited let the artist know. He or she can probably accommodate you to definitely inform you how you can reduce your fees.
What exactly is your time-line?

In the event the painting may be a family portrait or perhaps of an object, provide photos belonging to the subject to assist the artist figure out the degree of fine detail required. This will also allow the artist to provide the suitable quotation.

3. At this stage you will receive a written quotation.

Your chosen artist provides you with a written price for your final painting.

Your quotation can often be an in-depth description regarding precisely what you should expect, and will eventually obtain, as an end product. The actual estimate additionally contains the price, which usually differs for each and every piece you require. (Even if they are the same size)

4. Initial payment due & painting commences.

Soon after agreeing to the actual quotation, a deposit will probably be paid, plus work will start on your painting.
In the event the painting is of a person, who is capable of modelling for your artist, or perhaps a subject that can not really be left with the artist at his studio, a formal sitting will most likely be scheduled. A number of sittings might be required to assist in producing the best possible final product. When the painting is actually of a person or object your artist are not able to see in-person, make sure you provide photos.

5. Client obtains oil painting & last payment is paid.

When your painting is actually finished, the last payment corresponding exactly to the residual balance of the agreed price is due to the artist, and then the completed artwork is presented to the client.

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