Your prized pet can easily be immortalised in a commissioned oil painting.

I’m a stickler for fine detail, and pride myself on bringing the canvas or linen to life with your pets image on it.

If I’m to be painting from a photo, it is important to send me the highest detail image you have taken, with good lighting.
When I paint a commission piece, I always do my best to catch your personal pets features, but this can be difficult if you supply me with a low detail image of a small distant pet in the distance, and this is the only photograph I have to work with.
If it’s possible, I do appreciate several photos, so I can get a feel for your pet.

If you are located in Melbourne, Australia, and would like me to take a suitable photo for you, please contact me, and we can arrange a time to do so.

Every pet artist will approach the subject matter differently.

It often Depends on what the artists chosen medium is to work in, please take note that the time needed to complete your painting will vary accordingly.

My preferred medium is high quality artists grade oil paint, for all my pet portrait paintings
Artist Grade Paint has the highest level of pure pigment, that results in the purest of colours, without muddying the finished painting with cheap fillers  often used in lower grade paint.  (Beware of the Cheap Student Grade Oil Paint that is on the market)

Cheap paint is easy to spot, it has a chalky finish to it and not clean pure colour.

 Some unscrupulous people who call themselves Pet Portrait Artists, use complicated software that modifies a photo to look like it was hand painted, then simply print it onto a canvas. (They still charge you for a hand painted canvas.)

Below are some of my commissioned artworks.

Black Labrador (Chloe) Labrador Dog Commission pet painting
Black Labrador (Chloe) Labrador Dog Commission pet painting