(Sold) Aquarium Oil Painting Commission (Sold)

This came out rather nicely as a finished oil painting Close up of the Aquarium fish in my oil painting   Close up of the Aquarium fish in my oil painting  

(Sold) Backlit Canna Leaves - floral oil painting (Sold)

These Canna leaves were spectacular at Wilsons Botanical Gardenss.  I wanted to catch the leaves as they were on fire and full of colour as the sun shone through their leaves. 

(Sold) Black Labrador (Chloe) - Commissioned Oil Painting (Sold)

This is a commissioned painting I completed of a Black Labrador named Chloe. For this painting I used Artist Grade Paints, I never use anything less as the colours always tend to look chalky when using cheaper quality paints.A wonderful Pet Black Labrado ...

(Sold) Cape Shank Flinders (Study 03) Seascape Oil Painting (Sold)

On a trip to Cape Shank, Flinders area of Victoria, I took some time to paint a few study paintings, for later studio ones that they will be based on.

(Sold) Cat - Gremi - Commission Oil Painting (Sold)

Gremi the cat, has just woken up from a catnap, and she's not too sure what's going on.Please Note: This is a Commissioned Painting in a Private Collection. Its Not For Sale.

(Sold) Changing Landscape - Oil Painting (Sold)

This Wind Power Australian Outback - Oil Painting signals the change in attitude to green renewable energy.

(Sold) Chestnut Arab Horse Oil Painting by Garry Purcell (Sold)

There is something about a horse in motion, that stirs the blood, and gives me the inspiration to paint it in oil. This oil painting was made in Genesis oil, it brings out the wonderful colour of the Arab horse in motion.I will be painting several differ ...

(Sold) Eagle Point Sunrise over Lake King Oil Painting (Sold)

A sunrise as seen from the Eagle Point Caravan Park on the edge of Lake King

(Sold) Emu at Eagle Point - Original Oil Painting by Garry Purcell (Sold)

I finished a painting yesterday, using my Genesis Heat Set Paints, and a reference photo I took while away on my latest trip up bush, in the Eagle Point area, this site is located in South Gippsland, Victoria This emu came up close to the fence, and ...

(Sold) Hydrangea flower - Floral Oil Painting (Sold)

I came across this Hydrangea flower on one of my walks, and decided to paint it.

(Sold) Mt Magnet, Western Australia, Australian Outback Oil Painting (Sold)

A few rocks in the middle of know where, really depict the harsh Australian Outback landscape.

(Sold) Mussel Rock Pool Kilcunda Seascape Oil Painting (Sold)

I went for a walk along the Kilcunda Open Ocean Beach at low tide, and found these brightly coloured mussels on the edge of a small rock pool.

(Sold) Pink Snapper Rock Fishing - Oil Painting (Sold)

This little Pink Snapper Rock Fishing painting is based on my one my daughters account of fishing. Go near her and have your head snapped off, hence the name "Pink Snapper Rock Fishing"

(Sold) Racing Snail Oil Painting Original by Garry Purcell (Sold)

When the Melbourne Cup Horse Racing Cup comes around each year, punters in Australia bet millions on this single horse race, hoping to make a few dollars. For Me, my luck is so bad, even if I bet on one horse race, my horse would drop dead and not finish ...

(Sold) Simply Twilight Sunset Original Oil Painting (Sold)

This Sunset oil painting was inspired by a couple of dead gum trees in a paddock by the side of the road. The colours in the the sky were simply magic, I couldn't resist painting this spectacular scene.

(Sold) Solitary Anglers Sunset Original Oil Painting (Sold)

The peace and serenity enjoyed by a lone fisherman at sunset.

(Sold) Tidal River Mouth - Wilsons Promontory, Victoria Original Oil Painting (Sold)

This oil painting was inspired by one of my trips along the Coastline in Victoria. If you ever get a chance to visit Wilsons Promontory, be sure to do the short walk along Tidal River to the river mouth, then pop over to the right hand side of the shallo ...