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Australian Birdwing Butterfly Oil Painting

Australian Birdwing Butterfly
Garry Purcell
Genesis Oil Paint
Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas
40cm x 30cm x 2cm (15 3/4"×11 3/4" x 5/8")
I came across this butterfly at the Melbourne Zoo in the heated Butterfly House. Its an Australian Birdwing Butterfly, which adorns spectacular colours on its wings, the Melbourne zoo's butterfly house is operational all year and houses quite a few different varieties at any one time. BUT its really hot in Summer. This Butterfly painting was based on a visit to the Melbourne Zoo Butterfly House. A colourful Birdwing butterfly takes a rest on some foliage. Latin name: Ornithoptera Priamus Poseidon. As an Australian Artist, I believe that trying to capture a small snapshot of what our natural surroundings look like is important for future generations to look back in time at. Feel free to drop me an email if you would like to buy this Australian Birdwing Butterfly Oil Painting. Or perhaps you would like me to paint a completely different butterfly altogether. I'm always open to suggestions.
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