Australian Artist Garry Purcell’s Official Website

I decided to do a complete makeover of my website, as my old site was starting to look a bit dated.
The new layout should be easier to navigate, with a simple contact form so you can contact me direct if you have any questions relating to my artwork.
I will be building my new site with quite a few original paintings I have painted, with some of my personal favourites also. My Self Portrait Above

Australian Artist Garry Purcell Self Portrait


I trust you will enjoy looking at some of my Original Artworks that I have listed here.

Many of my paintings are available for For Sale right Now!

Go and check a few of them out from my online Gallery.

You may also commission me to paint any personalised oil paintings for yourself if you like.
I use only Top Quality Artist Grade oil Paints when painting my commissioned pieces.
The main difference with standard oil paints that most use v.s Artist Grade Professional Oil Paint, is the quality and purity of the pigments used in making the paint.
All cheaper grade oil paints use fillers that tend to make the artwork look chalky, as opposed to artist grade quality which gives a beautiful strong colour and depth to the finished piece.
Of cause Artist grade paints cost a lot more than student grade paints, but the results speak for themselves.
Also the use of the grisaille painting technique, the finished paintings have that wonderful effect of depth, which cannot be achieved with cheaper oil paints.

I have a selection of both canvas, and linen available, and I also have Belgian Linen that I can Cut and Stretch to suite your needs.
Pleas Note: Belgian Linen is the best for long term archival paintings, but it also is the most expensive option. 

To Commission me to paint for you.

Simply contact me with the details what you would like in you painting, along with your preferred canvas or linen size.
P.S. A photo is always handy at this stage so I have an idea as to what you have in mind. Garry

  • Animal & wildlife oil paintings for sale.
  • Aquatic paintings, Ocean, Beach, Seascape, featuring costal scenes from around Victoria, Australia, and inland spots, I’ve travelled.
  • Australian Sunset & Sunrise paintings for sale, from various locations on my travels.
  • Original Floral – Flower oil paintings for sale, many of the specimens are from the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne.
  • Sunset and Sunrise Australian Landscapes painted in oil, plus the more traditional times of the year.
  • Animals and custom wildlife paintings all created with oils, lion, tiger, horse, a cat and dog, seagull, butterfly, etc. all available in oil on stretched canvas.
  • Seascapes painted in oil, Rivers, Lakes, Waterfall, Ocean, etc. and locations from my travels around Victoria, Australia.
  • I accept Commissions to custom paint your pet cat, horse, dog, pet birds, fish, wildlife, etc.
  • Garry is available for your commission portrait work (No topic is Taboo) and don’t forget I also paint Custom Pet’s, Animal, Landscape, Seascape, Sunsets, Still Life, Floral – Flowers. etc. with many sizes of canvas or linen to choose from. I also have Belgium Linen Available on the Roll to make custom sized paintings if needed.
  • Oil paintings by Garry Purcell, a Melbourne born and bred Australian Artist.
  • Garry will paint your pet’s portrait on a commission basis also, with many different sizes of canvas on hand. or Belgium Linen to choose from.
  • On this web site, you can purchase your oil painting, directly from the artist who painted them.
  • Many original works of art available, all on different sizes of gallery wrapped stretched canvas and linen.
  • I have opened a new painter tutorial section, with step by step instructions using Grisaille oil painting styles and Genesis artist grade paint.
  • Here you’ll find Painting Tutorials using Oils in the Old Masters Grisaille technique.
  • My Original Native Bush, Gum trees, Walking Tracks etc.
  • Contact information for Endeavour Art Studio, Melbourne, Victoria. Australia.
  • Artist statements, giving a brief history of our current artists.
  • Direct email, plus contact information via phone if required.
  • Most of the paintings are for sale and available for you to buy.
  • Endeavour Art Studio Australia retains all copy write associated with our artwork found in this web site.
  • Many Original Aquatic Seascapes, Sunsets, Landscapes around Australia, Old Huts, Stone Bridges, etc.
  • Animal paintings including cats, dogs, horses, birds, fish, wildlife, butterfly, zoo animals, lion, tiger, still life etc.
  • The ability to buy paintings, direct from the Australian born Melbourne artist who painted them.
  • Portrait commissioned paintings using Genesis or traditional artist grade oil paint.
  • I accept commissions for Ocean Seascapes, Sunrise or Sunset, Landscape, Floral, Butterfly, Horse, Floral – Flower, Still Life etc.
  • So you have taken a great photo of Zoo animals, Lion or Tiger, Still Life, Floral – Flowers etc. why not get me to paint it as a commission for you.
  • My Art Studio is located at Endeavour Hills, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • I’m an Oil Painter who also dabbles in other mediums from time to time to express my ever developing art form.
  • As an traditional fine arts painter, I paint original works of art on Linen and Canvas mainly in the Old Masters style.

Animal and Wildlife


Australian Admiral Butterfly on Blue Flower Original Oil Painting
Australian Admiral Butterfly on a Blue Flower Original Oil Painting by Australian Artist Garry Purcell

P.S. As an artist I can also Paint your custom Pet Horse, Dog, Cat, Bird etc from a photo, simply eMail me with your details and what you would like painted as a custom commission.

Floral Oil Paintings

Hydrangea Flower Floral Oil Painting by Australian Artist Garry Purcell

Australian Landscapes

Resting Cow Original Oil Painting by Australian Artist Garry Purcell

My Original Oil Paintings are available for you to buy online.

Purchase Original Australian oil paintings directly from the Artist Studio.

* Note: I accept Commissions from any photo you have, no topic taboo. There are many Canvas and Linen sizes to choose from. Simply email your photo, along with your preferred canvas size, and I will email you back with a price and the time I need to complete it.
* Most paintings of average size, will take me approximately 2 to 3 weeks to complete.
* My Art Studio is located in Endeavour Hills, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

If you have any questions you would like answered regarding my paintings or something on this website feel free to contact me via email.

Please Note:

Duplication, or use of any images found on this web site, other than viewing these images directly from this web site, is strictly prohibited, unless you have the artists written consent for your personal use.