Artist Statement Garry Purcell

Australian Artist Garry Purcell Self Portrait

Garry came into the world in 1953 at Dandenong Victoria Australia.

He has always had an affiliation for the Arts, and an early age entered many art competitions, and usually won the division he chose to enter.

He spent a few years overseas, mainly in the UK where he painted a few wall murals. His sketches and paintings from those years, are lost somewhere in Europe, and sadly no records were kept of them.

Australian Artist Garry Purcell Self Portrait

Upon his return to Australia, his interest declined in entering competitions, although he did enter one recently, in 2003 a competition in the U.S. for a Christmas Card, and his design one outright. He hasn’t entered anything since.

He was selected to teach at the 2010 Grafton ArtFest N.S.W. which ran for 5 days consecutive.

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