(Sold) Chestnut Arab Horse Oil Painting (Sold)

Chestnut Arab Horse Oil Painting by Artist Garry Purcell

(Sold) Chestnut Arab Horse Oil Painting (Sold)
This is a beautiful oil painting of a chestnut Arab horse.
The painting depicts the grace and power of this majestic animal in vibrant colors.
There is something about a horse in motion, that stirs the blood, and gives me the inspiration to paint it in oil.
This oil painting was made in Genesis oil, it brings out the wonderful colour of the Arab horse in motion.
I will be painting several different horse paintings in oil, and I will be placing them in the online oil painting gallery.
This is one of my earlier artworks using Genesis Artist Grade Paint. I’m rather pleased how these paints worked on my canvas.
The painting is rendered on a high-quality canvas and measures 20” x 24”. The painting was sold unframed, and hopefully It made a stunning addition to any horse lover’s collection.

Listing Details for the Chestnut Arab Horse Oil Painting

Artist: Garry Purcell
Medium Used: Artist Grade Paint
Support Type: Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas (Staples are on the back of the frame.)
Support Dimensions: 60 x 50cm (24 x 20 inch)


Chestnut Arab Horse Oil Painting by Artist Garry Purcell
Chestnut Arab Horse Oil Painting by Australian artist Garry Purcell


Short story about a chestnut Arab horse called Amira

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a chestnut Arab horse named Amira. She was the most beautiful horse in the kingdom, with her shiny coat and graceful movements. She lived in a lush green meadow with her owner, a kind-hearted farmer named Ali. He loved Amira like his own child and took great care of her.

One day, the kingdom was in chaos as a fierce dragon had attacked the town, burning everything in its path. The king offered a reward to anyone who could defeat the dragon and save the kingdom. Ali knew that Amira was the only one who could win the battle. He prepared her with the finest armor and weapons and set out to fight the dragon.

As they reached the town, the dragon came out of its den, spewing fire and smoke. Amira charged towards the dragon, dodging its flames and attacking it with all her might. The dragon was strong, but Amira was stronger. She kept attacking it until it finally fell to the ground, defeated.

The kingdom rejoiced as the dragon had been vanquished. Ali was hailed as a hero, and Amira was praised for her bravery. The king honored them with a grand feast and a medal of bravery. Ali was overwhelmed with pride, but he knew that it was Amira who deserved all the credit.

From that day on, Amira became a legend in the kingdom, and her bravery inspired many. She continued to live with Ali, who loved her more than ever. Amira was no longer just a horse, but a symbol of courage and strength.

Years passed, and Amira grew old, but she remained the most beloved horse in the kingdom. As she lay on her deathbed, Ali sat beside her, tears rolling down his face. He knew that Amira had fulfilled her purpose and had left behind a legacy that would never be forgotten.

The kingdom mourned the loss of their beloved hero, but they knew that Amira’s spirit would live on forever. And so, the chestnut Arab horse, Amira, became a legend, a symbol of bravery, and a beacon of hope for generations to come.

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