Expectations Gone Wrong original oil painting for sale

Expectations Gone Wrong Oil Painting by Artist Garry Purcell

Expectations Gone Wrong – oil painting for sale
This is a still life painting I created using A Vase a Cake Decoration and a Bottle, with a dark reality.

This is my attempt to explore the complexities of marriage and its dissolution with this haunting oil painting, “Expectations Gone Wrong” The painting depicts a scene of a broken home, with a bottle of alcohol and several subtle messages. The colours I used evoke a sense of sadness and the crumpled emptiness of a relationship gone wrong.
This still life painting captures the aftermath of a divorce, where all that remains is regret and loss. It represents a broken marriage.


1. First come the Romance.
2. Then comes Marriage.
3. The comes the Booze

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Artwork Name: Expectations Gone Wrong
Artist: Garry Purcell
Medium Used: Artist Grade Paint
Support Type: Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas (Staples are on the back of the frame.)
Support Dimensions: 51 x 40.5cm (20″ x 16″)


Short Story regarding the inspiration for this painting.
It was the summer of ’18, and May was the month when it all began.
This had been a difficult month for May. She was struggling with her marriage, her job, her finances, and her addictions. She was in a state of turmoil and despair.
She had been married for five years, and it was not going well. She and her husband had grown apart, and arguments had become commonplace. The alcohol had taken its toll on her marriage, and ultimately, the divorce papers had been filed.
May felt lost, and she needed an escape. So, she decided to take up oil painting as a way to get away from all the drama of her life.
She spent her days in her studio, painting still-life scenes of bottles of alcohol, broken glasses, and the empty bottles of wine that had been the backdrop to her failed marriage. She was trying to capture the sadness and despair of her life in the images she painted.
May continued to paint her still lifes throughout the summer, and eventually, the painting became a form of therapy for her. She was able to express her emotions through her art, and it helped her to come to terms with her divorce.

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